Hello everyone,

I want to try an imbed Jmol in Art of Illusion via BeanShell or just plain java. Basically, I want to take an molecule visualized in Jmol and treat it like an object in AOI. That way, I can incorporate many other things besides molecules in a 3D envirorment. Ideally, I would like to make a toolbar plugin in AOI, that has all of the same functionality as Jmol currently has as well as the same toolbar options, and be able to place the visualization window (like the bounding box area or something similiar) as an object in the 3D scene, and coordinate the Jmol animation timeframe with AOI keyframe via an interface os something. I am not sure where to find the primary visualization frame class for Jmol, or the animation/timeframe class, could anyone tell me where in the package it would be located? Any suggestions to to help me with my search would be greatly appreciated.