Uh..Oh...Now I'm embarrassed...this was working....I apologize to anybody who tried this.  The server side generation of images seems to be broken again.  I hope to have time to chase this over the weekend.  However, this means one more problem has been found and can be rectified. I will post again, when there is something working for people to try...

On Mar 29, 2012, at 4:39 PM, jmol-users-request@lists.sourceforge.net wrote:

Presently, I'm working on this for the python scripted server that supports the Web interface for the SageMath Package (www.sagemath.org).  

If you want to see a server running this experimental technology, visit my test server at
Login as: testJmol with a password of: test.
This is a very wimpy old computer I keep running for test purposes.  Don't expect very fast responses.  Anyway, if you click on any of the pages/worksheets listed after you log in, you should see pages that use Jmol to display 3-D objects.  The displays initially are static .png images generated by JmolData.jar running on the server.  Jmol only becomes live when you click on the "make interactive" button.

So the way to do this is generate system calls from your scripting engine like this:

java -jar "path to JmolData.jar" -iox -s "path to script that loads molecule and sets view" -J "write 'filename.png'"


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