For many years I have used local web pages on my laptop instead of using ppt for lectures.

This has enabled me to have Jmol and JSpecView at hand and for 2-way interaction between them.

(Originally I used MDL CHIME)


I was horrified to discover that having set an assignment in our computer lab and testing and updating

all the Java, that the morning after, nothing worked.

I updated to vs 40 of the JRE and again within 2 days was told I am using an old JRE

and nothing worked, I then upgraded to vs 45, still current it seems but for how long?


When I changed from unsigned to signed then all the pages had to be rewritten

since now the local path and relative paths did not work.

The missing file error message was pointing to the Firefox installation folder, not the folder

containing the web page and data files.


I’m not sure what benefit Oracle gets from all this !!!


I’m staggered that if I write a Java program and put it on my laptop I cannot use it

because of a security violation. Somehow there needs to be a way of letting Oracle know

that this is madness. I do understand that if someone runs a page at “BewareOfHacker.com”

containing an applet that they might like for the system not to reveal the contents of

their hard disk …..but they did ask for it???


I now have to keep 2 sets of web pages, a set for the server that uses relative paths

a set for my laptop that uses Absolute paths and both have to be signed.

I look forward to someone explaining how I change jmol.properties to

establish my credentials for a keystore that can be trusted.


By January though I may have totally swapped all web page development to JSmol

since this now reads both molecular graphics and spectra and ignores what Oracle

is doing to kill Java as an language for Open Source progams














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