Installation is easy, but there is a limitation from my point of view. Installing it as a hidden movable object on a page does not seem to be an option. Its div tag does not seem to like tampering.  Here it is installed as a pop-up hooked to Jmol. I could not get the load filter 2D to work, so there is no stereochemistry carried to Jmol. I'm simply using minimize addHydrogens:

The link to the JSDraw is at the top of the page.

Basically, I like it, but the inability to make it pop up quickly as a small object on an existing page is a drawback.

I was going to write to the Chemene about JME files, but that's an issue that Jmol developers should probably initiate.

Otis Rothenberger

On 6/30/2010 9:01 AM, Philip Bays wrote:
I just got notification this morning of a new release of JSDraw -- a structure drawing program that exports SMILES with a nice interface, written completed in JavaScript.  I have not looked at it much yet, but it looks interesting.   Anyone else have any experience with it? 


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