I wonder whether any Mac users have encountered a problem with the 'Restore Orientation' command when using Netscape or Firefox?  My difficulty is illustrated by the two popup displays on the following test page:

I am using Jmol version 10.9, and calling the applet directly rather than with Jmol.js.  The pdb files are initially loaded with the 'Save Orientation' command.  Subsequent changes are made by chimebutton scripts, with the last two in each case starting with the restore command.  These work as intended on Windows platforms using I.E., Netscape, Firefox and Opera.  On the Mac (OS 10.3.9) they work with Safari, but Mozilla browsers often (not always) move the model display almost out of sight to the upper left when the 'Restore Orientation' command is executed.  A small segment remains visible, enabling the console to be called from the menu.  A 'Center' command restores the display, but a new 'Restore Orientation' command displaces it out of sight.

Suggestions will be appreciated.