Thanks Miguel,
The color monitor command seems to work fine for monitor text.

Miguel wrote:
Has anyone had experience with the RasMol monitor command in Jmol?  When
using Chime, the text reporting thr selected distance may be colored by
a "color labels $$$"  command in the script.

In Jmol, coloring and fonts for labels do not work the same as RasMol.

RasMol uses one font and one color for all labels. Jmol allows you to
assign colors and fonts to the selected set.

select carbon; color labels green; font labels 14 serif
select oxygen; color labels blue; font label 12 sanserif italic

On converting such a script
to Jmol, I find that the monitor text is always white.

The command will be

  color monitor green

However, it probably is not implemented yet.

This is fine for
a black background, but I prefer my backgrounds to be white and would
like to set the color of the distances reported by the monitor.


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