I use Jmol 11.9.23 and when I export to jpeg/png the unit cell is white. My code is:

load "C:\Users\Tzontonel\Desktop\Actinolite.cif" {2 1 3}; set measurements angstroms; polyhedra 4 BONDS (silicon) TO (oxygen); polyhedra 6 BONDS (M3) TO (oxygen) green; polyhedra 6 BONDS (M2) TO (oxygen) grey; polyhedra 6 BONDS (M1) TO (oxygen) brown; select silicon; color polyhedra translucent white; background [xffffff]; frank OFF; set axesUnitcell; axes POSITION [150 280]; axes on; axes SCALE 0.6; moveto 0 right; connect 2 3.5 (M4) (oxygen) hbond [x000000] create; polyhedra 8 BONDS (M4) TO (oxygen); select M4; color polyhedra translucent [xEBE971]; set unitCell {1 0 0}; set unitcell 3; color unitcell black; zoom 70;

I have 'color unitcell black' and unitcell black in preview, but I don't understand why 'white' in the final jpeg/png.

MSc. Apopei Andrei Ionut

Department of Geology
Al. I. Cuza University
Carol I st. 11, 700506, Iasi, ROMANIA
Romanian Database of Raman Spectroscopy

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I'm not observing this with Jmol 11.9 or 11.8. What version are you using?