>This was a Java2Script compiler error. I thought I had worked around all of

>those, but this was the first test of old-style JVXL file reading, I guess.

>Thanks, Rick!






Thanks Bob, I got the JVXL files working! Unfortunately I have run into another problem. I am building a new site using JSmol (an example is https://undergrad-ed.chemistry.ohio-state.edu/2310-test/info.php) which works great in Firefox. I tested in using Safari and Mercury on an iPad, Chrome and IE9 on a PC, and Firefox and Safari on a MacBook (OS 10.8.3) and only Firefox on the Macbook works.


On Chrome I get an error message of “XMLHttpRequest.responseType cannot be changed for synchronous HTTP(S) requests made from the window context.” And it refers to line 209 in JSmol.min.js. Any help would be appreciated as I am lost on this.


Thanks, Rick


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