Yes, double brackets should be better, fewer chances of having them in real text.
Changing "Top" to "Top View" is also a possibility (but we probably should change the others Left, ...) and only works on a sentence by sentence base.

2009/8/30 Angel HerrŠez <angel.herraez@uah.es>

On 30 Aug 2009 at 18:12, Nicolas Vervelle wrote:

> Hi Angel,
> This is a general problem when an English word can be translated differently depending on the
> context, since the English word is the key used for finding the translation. Basically, this happens
> because you can only create one translation for each sentence (even if the same sentence is
> used several times with different meanings).
> And we also have a special situation with our 2 .pot files : if the same sentence is in the 2 .pot
> files, only one translation will be used in the application (because the Java code can't decide
> which one to use and looks for the first available translation).
> IMHO, the solution would be the following :
> * † Modify the Java code to remove special parts of the English sentences when no translation
> † † is found instead of using the entire English sentences (like removing texts in the form
> † † "[...]")
> * † Use different English sentences in the code, differentiating them with special parts (for
> † † example, "[View from]Top" and [Go to]Top")
> In English, "[View from]Top" would give "Top", "[Go to]Top" would give "Top" also
> In Spanish, you would have translated them differently in the .po files, so the texts should be
> different.
> Do you think this solution is Ok ?

It sounds good to me, if it's not difficult to implement

> Could you check that we don't have English sentences with
> "[...]" ?

There's one using square brackets:

#: org/jmol/viewer/ScriptEvaluator.java:2294
msgid "bad [R,G,B] color"

So we need a different notation. Double brackets?

Another option would be just to change the [view from] Top to say e.g. "Top View"

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