Great it worked fine.

I have a couple more questions:
1.-now when you load a new model if you had set spin on; it will switch back to off.
2.-MOs now appear by default in orange, why not leave em red and blue?

This are not a big deal I know just minor details.

2007/7/29, Bob Hanson <>:
Einar Coutin wrote:

> 1.-You changed again the aspect ratio system of the Jmol Applet,

I do not believe this is the case. We did, however, change the
perspective model slightly. Try "set perspectiveModel 10" to use the old
model. In certain cases you may see significant differences,
particularly with zoom settings.

But that's not the problem with your applet on the page below, anway.
There you are setting applet height/width to 700x700 in a frame that has
smaller size and no option to overflow gracefully.

> now my moleculas are loaded on my application out of center, check
> <>
> and hit on the Visualizador Image that appears on the site header.
> What can I do to instruct the jmolApplet() function to fill the entire
> web frame with percentages instead of using pixels? For example:
> jmolApplet(100%,100%)


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