Well congratulations for finally deciding a name for Jmol. I've got a couple of questions about this new version:
I upgraded from version 10.2 to the latest 11.2.6

1.-You changed again the aspect ratio system of the Jmol Applet, now my moleculas are loaded on my application out of center, check fenix.cecalc.ula.ve/moleculas and hit on the Visualizador Image that appears on the site header. What can I do to instruct the jmolApplet() function to fill the entire web frame with percentages instead of using pixels? For example: jmolApplet(100%,100%)

2.-I made a funcion to incorporate into Jmol for transferring the previous settings of the model appereance on the next loaded model, this is useful when you're developing an UI for Jmol like in my case.

If you're interested plase let me know.