On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 10:11, egonw@sci.kun.nl wrote:
Ok, then we should add this... can you explain me what the proper place would
be? I've got code for the P2_1 2_1 2_1 space group...


I think the best place to put that code is in UnitCellBox.java.
This class stores

-the primitive vectors
-the atomic positions in reduced coordinates
-the atom types
-the space goup number (International Tables for Crystallography). So far the space goup number is always 1.

I propose to store *all* the atoms inside the unit cell as if the spacegroup was 1. Three methods must be implemented:

-findSpaceGroup()  which *computes* the space group.
-getSpaceGoup() which simply *returns* the stored space goup.
-UnitCellBox(double[][] rprim, double[] acell,
       boolean isAtomicPositionsCart, int[] atomType,
       double[][] atomPos, int spgroup),  a constructor that computes the atomic positions based on the asymetric atoms and the given space group.

Does it seem reasonnable?


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