Now seems a good time to draw attention to an enhancement request I filed a while ago.

Add isosurface commands to PopUp Menu?
The recent addition of support for .cube format files allows the display of 
surface such as molecular orbitals etc. which is very useful.

Would it be possible to add a pop-out menu item to the JMol window 
PopUp menu called Surfaces (or something similar) containing the various 
isosurface commands?

A possible list would be On/Off, Color, Dots, Fill, Mesh. Maybe the size 
could also be controlled like the VDW radius of atoms/bonds.

This would maximise the benefit from this display without the need for 
lots of buttons.

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Select ->

Render ->

Color ->

Label ->

Hide ->

Script ->

Animate ->

Display ->


Display options should include Info, About Jmol, and the common Jmol

display features (boundbox, axes, stereo, etc.).

I would like to have 'About Jmol' at the top level