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Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 19:14:11 -0500
From: Bob Hanson <>
Subject: [Jmol-users] signed applets
Message-ID: <>
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I looking for someone who is using the signed applet.

Dear Bob,

   I use it all the time, though only for local file access, not from one server to another.

  In my usage, i have a javascript that figures out if the access is local or to a server. If the former, then it uses the signed applet. Thus all of my local development is with the signed applet.

  However, I've had a hard time keeping up with the (fantastic) pace of your development. The most recent version I've used is 10.9.98. The signed applet works great with that (on a Mac, usually Safari).

   Did you have a specific question?


Craig Martin