#209 Drawing a dotted line


I could not quite figure out how to draw a dotted line between two atoms or positions, like the line you see when you do "monitor". Does this feature exist?


  • Sebastian

    Sebastian - 2015-03-11

    I would also like to see this feature, especially for drawing dashed or dotted lines between arbitrary coordinates. In my specific case, I would like to connect two spheres (indicating pseudoatom positions) with a dashed line, which is not possible at the moment in Jmol/JSmol

  • Bob Hanson

    Bob Hanson - 2015-03-11

    this is just what measurement lines are for:

    measure {0 0 0} {3 4 5} "2: "

    (dashed line, no label; note the space after the colon there)

    pos1 = {0 0 0}
    pos2 = {3 4 5}
    measure @pos1 @pos2 "2: "

    draw ID d1 width 2.0 {0 0 0}
    draw ID d2 width 2.0 {6 1 2}
    measure @d1 @d2 "2: "


  • Sebastian

    Sebastian - 2015-03-12

    I'm aware of the measurement lines. For my application, however, I need dashed lines between arbitrary coordinated in different colors and adjustable line width. An option for dashes in the 'draw' command would therefore be optimal.


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