#525 invokeAndWait error when trying to open Jmol console


Tested on Winodws 7 Enterprise, 64-bit; java 1.6.29, 1.6.30, 1.7.0; jmol 12.2.14, 12.3.14 and 12.2.0.

Exception when trying to open console (both from menu and by right clicking in window):

"AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.Error: Cannot call invokeAndWait from the event dispatcher thread

Problem was fixed when I deleted the history file in C:/Users/[user]/.jmol/. Deleted file attached. Error reappear when restoring history file to the bad version.


  • Anon

    Anon - 2012-02-06
  • Bob Hanson

    Bob Hanson - 2012-02-07

    I don't know; we should add a link to delete the history file.

  • Anon

    Anon - 2012-02-08

    Can you/anyone (on Windows) reproduce my exception with the attached history file? If not, I could possibly try to download the source and try to debug it a bit to extract some extra information.

  • Angel Herraez

    Angel Herraez - 2012-02-08

    I tried your history file:

    1. Jmol (12.2.14) opens but does not leave the bottom (task) bar, maybe like if it was size zero or at an off-screen postition. I right-click and select Maximize, it comes OK, full window. If I "restore" the window size, it disappears again.

    2. When I select Console, the console is not opened, but I cannot see any error; top menu > Help > Java console opens a blank window with a small narrow button at the bottom but no visible text (thiis seems to be normal behaviour for this console).

    I guess that my screen size (1024x768) may have something to do with this, probably smaller than yours.

    Have you tried to hand-edit the file to reduce all X and Y, W and H values?
    I did it and now I can see all windows. Although since I didn't see the error or exception, that may not be all.

  • Angel Herraez

    Angel Herraez - 2012-02-08

    Ah, my system is WinXP, Java 1.7.0_02, Jmol 12.2.14

  • Anon

    Anon - 2012-02-10

    To see the exception, I open the Java Console, and then click the "Console" button in the menu. The console has to be open before clicking the button. I do not see any error boxes, or anything in the launch window (even with the debugging flag on).

    I cannot recreate the exception my self on another system (even though same OS setup), but I'll try to get the full exception when I'm on that system next. I could be because of the file paths, or something like this (they would only resolve on that system).


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