#4 "Learn each card side..." doesn't seem to work



maybe i do not understand the meaning of "learn each
card side as often as specified" but it seems to
behave like "learn in random mode with card sides
being randomly flipped" but without applying the
canfigured card limit. If I set the card limit, for
example, to 10 it asks me much more than 10 cards
with randomly flipped sides. I would expect to be
asked for 10 cards (10x lang1->lang2 and 10x



  • Riad Djemili

    Riad Djemili - 2006-10-17

    Logged In: YES

    Probably this mode isn't named that good. What it actually
    does is that it makes you have to learn a card not a single
    time to move it up one deck, but a specified amount of
    times. If you enter (10, 10) a card will only be forwarded
    after you've passed every side 10 times. Since this would be
    pretty hard to do in only one session, the card remembers
    how many times each of its sides has already been learned in
    previous sessions. The mode has the benefit that you can
    'force' to learn both sides an equal amount of times,
    instead of having them show up in a random mode.

    This is kinda hard to explain, but I hope I made myself
    clear. :-) Please let me know if I clarified the issue or if
    you still have questions. Maybe any idea on how the mode
    could be made easier to understand?

    - Riad

  • Riad Djemili

    Riad Djemili - 2006-10-17

    Logged In: YES

    Bwt.. I've moded this to the support section. If I actually
    misunderstood your question, please let me know and I'll
    move it back to the bug section if necessary.

  • Martin Brodbeck

    Martin Brodbeck - 2006-10-17

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for your explanation. Now it is clear.


  • Riad Djemili

    Riad Djemili - 2006-10-17
    • status: open --> closed

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