#1 How to move to new categories


I created some cards, then I created a category, now I want to put those cards into that category.

I don't see a way to do it.


  • Riad Djemili

    Riad Djemili - 2005-03-14

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    You can do this by opening the category tree panel and
    drag'n'dropping the cards into your new category. Also you
    can cut'n'pasting your cards into the new category by using
    the 'Edit' menu or by using the common key shortcuts
    (Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V).

  • Riad Djemili

    Riad Djemili - 2005-03-14
    • summary: Can't edit category --> How to move to new categories
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  • Riad Djemili

    Riad Djemili - 2005-03-14
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I was just hoping to double-click on a card, click on the 'Properties' tab, and alter the category there using a drop-down menu.

  • Riad Djemili

    Riad Djemili - 2005-03-14

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    Actually I dont think that this would be very intuitive. In
    a file system you dont move files to a new folder by editing
    the file properties, because conceptually files arent
    supposed to know to which folder they belong.

    I'm thinking about adding other ways of moving files though.
    This might be like a 'Move to..' button which opens dialog
    window where you can choose the category. I'll add a feature

    Thanks for your contribution!

  • elsapo

    elsapo - 2006-09-21

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    Yes, this is really annoying, because it looks like a bug in
    the program.

    I just went through this myself. I thought, the category box
    is not editable right now for this card because ... why? So
    I looked all over trying to figure out why it wouldn't let
    me edit the card category.

    I never figured it out. It just seemed broken.

    Then I tried editing categories by moving them around inside
    the jml file (after closing the program). But the program
    seems to have a bad bug that it will destroy all your data
    if there is any problem in the xml file, so I lost all my
    data -- it wrote out a blank version.

    Then I finally stumbled on the fact you can drag cards to
    the funny little categories in the tree on the right.

    It would be much more intuitive if you could just edit the
    card categories in the card editor -- that is simple and
    easy to find (which is a big plus for new users -- and all
    users start out as new users, I figure).


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