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JMeasurement 0.70 released

JMeasurement will now be configured with a file, which can be automatically reloaded if changed, so you can change online the settings of JMeasurment without modifing the code.

JMeasurement now supports JMX. There are two MBeans, which support configuration changes and analysing the measure data.

Posted by W.Klaas 2007-01-12

JMeasurement 0.68 released

- disabling deviation support
- auto snapshot and memory savings. (See details on parameters in the javadoc MeasureFactory#setOption())

Posted by W.Klaas 2006-12-04

JMeasurement 0.66 released

I have released the new version 0.66 with the following changes:

- adding a report gui (this is the first try, please send me hints for misfunctions or needed features, only on Java 5 Version)
- The renderer could be startet from the commandline to render a report.xml file.
- the monitor.stop() and .pause() methodes doesn't throw an exception any more.
- changing the type of the deviation data from Double to Float
- MeasureData will now deliver it's value type
- some minor bug fixes

Posted by W.Klaas 2006-09-18

JMeasurement 0.65 for Java 1.4 released

Because of the multiple request of a single user, I have released a special version for java 1.4.

Posted by W.Klaas 2006-08-04

JMeasurement 0.65 released

only some minor bug fixes and some corrections in the documentation (javadoc) This version is compiled with JDK5, JDK1.4 is no longer supported. (If you need support of JDK1.4 then please contact me)

Posted by W.Klaas 2006-08-02

JMeasurement 0.64 released

Main goals of this release is the automatic monitoring of interfaces and the exceptions they throw.

Posted by W.Klaas 2006-07-31

JMeasurement 0.63

a new version of JMeasurement is now ready for download. Main features are
- support of snapshot
- support of writer for generating reports
- some minor bugfixes

Posted by W.Klaas 2006-03-30

JMEasurement 0.62 released

- fixed some problems with datetime stamps
- added identifing and counting of death monitors
- added the examples for a single measure data storing

Posted by W.Klaas 2005-06-06

JMeasurement 0.6 released

I'am proud to introduce this project and release the version 0.6. It's intend to be the first release candidate (RC1) for the version 1.0

Posted by W.Klaas 2005-05-20