Pierre Frisch - 2010-06-10

Rev the source code to 3.1.7
********* Reorganization of the locking  / timer strategy. Hopefully it should be less deadlock prone. *********
index out of range exception in javax.jmdns.JmDNS - ID: 1414816
Optimization in JmDNS.SocketListener - ID: 1623129
JMDNS reports IPv6 link local addr as service type - ID: 1791481
JmDNSImpl.openMulticastSocket() fails on AIX - ID: 2821919
Service discovery takes about 6 s - FIX - ID: 2910895
Update text field and receive text updates. - ID: 2349331
Make listening interface and port configurable - ID: 3000610
Add extra API to read protocol and domain - ID: 3000616
Replace outdated/inofficial "._mdns._udp." meta query with o - ID: 3000618
Build OSGi bundle as part of ANT build - ID: 3000972

The locking reorganization should not have any influence on your application but as always it may change timing and therefore affect the behavior of your code. I think this is a much more stable approach that will serve us better in the future. Let me know what you think.