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Pierre Frisch

We aim to have a distributed java application, and we keep track of the nodes in the networks using a jmDNS. our application being cross platform, we work using netbeans, for the application development.
We are faceing problem in the Overridden method of jmDNS.
serviceRemoved(event) method does not works in Linux (Ubuntu).
On stopping the Run of our application in netbeans from a Ubuntu OS, the nodes running on windows 7 platform get notified, i.e. we can say the serviceRemoved() method works fine in Windows 7, but when a Node on running on the Windows7, or Windows XP OS, is stooped, no information is received by the node running on the Linux platform, i.e. we can say that the serviceRemoved() does not works in my ubuntu system.
This creates a big Bottleneck for my apllication.
Please help.
thanks in advance


  • Pierre Frisch
    Pierre Frisch

    Could you please share some of the code? How are you stoping the application? do you invoke the close(0 function? are you running the same version of Java on both side?

  • Contains Parts of code of my appplication

  • Sir, in last few days we have tested our application to solve the problem. but were still unsuccessful. But what we found during the testing phase is that its the problem with Windows systems..and not with linux.
    Yes we run the same version of java on all machines. Nodes working in linux environment get to know when some other nodes leave the system.. but non of the nodes get the information when a windows system leaves the system.

    Further we would like to mention that JmDNS.unregisterAllServices() is invoked by the leaving node only when the node shutdowns the application in a proper way..or by a shutdownHook() in java.
    here by i give u the appropriate portions of the code related to the problem. Paying attention on as you said about close() function. we shut down the application the same way in both the system using the stop button in NetBeans.