Incremental MatFileWriter

Tim Kutz
  • Tim Kutz

    Tim Kutz - 2008-01-16

    We've recently started working with this library in order to build large datasets from a Java service, which get consumed by a matlab program, executed asynchronously.  One of the issues we have, is that our data sets are too large to hold all in memory at once, in the Java service, so we need to build the .mat file one variable at a time.

    I've written an additional class MatFileIncrementalWriter, which works in a manner more consistent with the standard style writers, in that it maintains an open file, flushes each MLArray object passed into it as it goes, and closes the file when the close() method is invoked.  In the process, I refactored the OSArrayTag inner class out of the original Writer class, so it could be shared between both writer implementations.

    We'd like to submit these changes back to the project.  How do I go about being added to the project as a developer/submitter?

  • Milan

    Milan - 2010-07-21

    This sounds like a useful addition and would be helpful in my case as well. Were you able to get these changes integrated?


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