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jMapEditor / News: Recent posts

Release: 2.8

Change log:

- Changed the key bindings;
- Fixed a bug in the preview of the Default tileset;
- Enhanced the *nix launcher;
- Changed the behavior of the file dialogs;
- Code clean and separation of the file manipulators from the Map class;
- Minor UI changes;

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-08-31

Release: 2.7

A critical bug where fixed and latest map edited history added.

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-08-16

Release: 2.6

- Minor scrollbar bugs fixed;
- Added Keyboard navigation (A, S, D, W);
- Changed the "Draw walls" hotkey to CTRL + w;
- Added mouse cursor changes when entering and exiting editing modes (CTRL, SHIFT);

If you want to build from the latest CVS version, see instructions in the wiki.

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-08-07

Release: 2.5

-New actions: select and replace. See the file "Shortcut.pdf".

-Some minor updates;

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-07-30

Release 2.4!


- Export speed greatly increased;
- New function: the middle mouse button now replaces all the tiles of the same tipe as the tile below the cursor by the selected palete tile;
- Lots of minor source code changes;

I will only do compiled file releases for now, the latest source code can be get via CVS.

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-07-25

Release: 2.3

The new release is out!

Many improvements and some bug fixed. See the changelog for more info.

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-07-04

Release: 2.2

New release! Check out the change log to see the changes.

Nova versão! Mudanças listadas no change log.

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-06-11

Release: 2.1

Major bug fixed (cannot open saved maps) - Thanks to

New function: Scale exported map

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-05-07

Release: 2.0


-> Improved undo/redo a lot;
-> New "Preferences" menu;
-> Minor changes to tilesets;
-> Fixed some bugs;
-> Menu icons and about dialog from SwingSkel;
-> Moved the TileBox bean to SwingSkel lib;

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-04-10

Release: 1.6

Hi. This release is much more usable, and has the annoying bugs fixed (i hope so).

I will be working more in desktop integration, memory usage and some missing features.

All help and suggestions are welcome.

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-02-22

First Release!

This is the first release with the GPL license.

Current translations.:

- English
- Brasileiro

Posted by Lucas Hermann Negri 2007-01-04