#18 deploy as war


Security restriction on production environments prevent us from accessing the jmx remote port.
It would be very helpfull if there was an option to deploy jManage as a standalone war on a web server.
This way, JManage will always have access to the local JVM MBean server,
without any need to "open" a port for jmx remote acess.

Thank you


  • Avneet Singh

    Avneet Singh - 2009-12-20

    jManage is already available as WAR, but the feature is currently in testing. Pl take the latest code from 'jmanage-war' branch, if you want to test & use it.

  • Assaf

    Assaf - 2010-01-04

    When you say jManage is available as war, what do you mean?
    Can i deploy this war on any application server (jboss, weblogic, websphere)?
    Is it a standalone war, that i can simply deploy as any other war application?

    I downloaded and built the latest 'jmanage-war' branch as you suggested.
    Where can i find the built war file? How do i use it?

    I would appreciate your help
    Thank you

  • Assaf

    Assaf - 2010-01-04

    addition to comment (2):
    we actually need to manage ONLY one mbean server which is registered on the same JVM as the jManage war file. In other words we need a very "slim and simple" version of jManage war file.


  • Avneet Singh

    Avneet Singh - 2010-01-06

    There are only two targets,

    jetty-build >> for building jetty version of WAR
    build-war >> for building generic WAR version

    You should use build-war for building app server independent deployable WAR

    Dont forget to use jmanage-war branch


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