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jManage 1.0 final released

We are pleased to announce the release of jManage 1.0 final. This is a result of a lot of hard work by the jManage contributors and feedback from the jManage users.

jManage is a open source, web and command-line based JMX client, which provides a centralized console for managing application clusters and distributed-application environments. jManage goes beyond an ordinary JMX client by providing features like Alerts, Graphs, Security, SNMP support, etc. The jManage mission is to provide an open source management platform, which can be used to manage and monitor complete production environment.

We recommend that you upgrade from 0.5 release to 1.0, to make use of new features like Alerts, Graphs, SNMP support, etc.
jManage 1.0 can be downloaded from:

Following is a list of new features in 1.0:

- Graphs
- Alerts
- Basic SNMP support.
- Support for Open MBean types: CompositeData and TabularData.
- Framework to define DataFormat objects for custom classes.
See and under config.
- Support for external login modules (JAAS based with name and password callback)
- Changes to application type management (introduced application-type-config.xml)
- Changed jmanage startup to use jetty-config.xml. This moves the jmanage port
configuration and also the SSL configuration to jetty-config.xml. Please
refer Jetty documentation to modify this file.
- Added exception handling for JSPs.
- Added support for viewing XML files.
- New components based source structure. The build is now done using Maven.

To see a complete list of features, please visit

Please send an email to with feedback.

Rakesh Kalra

Posted by Rakesh Kalra 2005-12-06

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