jManage is considering moving from Apache2.0 to LGPL license is committed to a "Open Source" Management and Monitoring solution based on JMX.

We want this project to grow as a single entity and not be forked into different flavors. For this reason, we are considering moving from Apache 2.0 license to LGPL license. The LGPL is an OSI approved Open Source license and allows jManage to be used in any manner suitable by the users. But it encourages the users to contribute any enhancements back to the jManage community.

We want to hear from you about this important change. Please provide your feedback to help us make this decision.

We plan to make this change from jManage 1.0 onwards.


Rakesh Kalra
Founder & Architect,

Posted by Rakesh Kalra 2005-09-02

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