jmanage 0.5.0 is now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of jManage 0.5.0 version.

jManage is a open source, web and command-line based JMX client, which provides a centralized console for managing application clusters and distributed-application production environments.

jManage 0.5.0 has the following features:

- Web based interface.
- Complete security - application server passwords are encrypted
- Support for connecting to the following:
- Application level operations of MBeans.
- Cluster level view of MBeans. Also allows changing attribute values and performing operations at the cluster level.
- Authentication and User management
- Command Line UI
- ACL based access control
- HTTPS support

You can download it from:

More info at:

You can also contact the jManage team by sending an email to

Posted by Rakesh Kalra 2005-05-21

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