We are pleased to announce the availability of jManage 1.0.4 release.

Along with some bug fixes in this release, jManage now has basic support for Solaris SNMP (SNMP version 1 with "public" community name).

You can download jManage 1.0.4 from:



Bugs fixed:

1392503 - SNMP port entered through UI is not being used
1445291 - .sh files do not work with cygwin
1431102 - Allow other users with admin access to unlock "admin" user
1445126 - jManage fails with quoted object names
1452904 - Rename "weblogic61" to "weblogic" in application-type-config

Feature Requests:

1419292 - Allow users to add custom classpath to jmanage classpath
1452896 - SNMP: Support for Solaris OIDs