#47 Alert for app server crash

1.5 Release
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Some info from a thread in JMX forum:

> I’d like my remote apps to generate a heartbeat so I
can monitor when
> they crash. However, am I right in thinking that the
rmi JMX connector
> incorporates a heartbeat anyway?

Yes. If your connection to a remote MBeanServer breaks
(because the
application crashed or because the network failed) then
you will get a
JMXConnectionNotification.FAILED if you added a
listener using
JMXConnector.addConnectionNotificationListener. This
happens even if
you are not doing anything on the connection. A
heartbeat thread
periodically attempts to ping the server, with a
default period of one
minute that you can change by adding a millisecond
value for the key
"jmx.remote.x.client.connection.check.period" in the
Map you provide to

If the remote application crashes and you have any
listeners registered
with its MBeans, then in fact this notification will be

Éamonn McManus JMX Spec Lead


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    The application down alert is available as of version
    1.5 beta 2.


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