#35 offer a tag mechanism to organize applications

1.5 Release

Clusters are really practrical to merge management of
redundant application in specific environment, but an
other level of organization would be nice to help the
management of a platform.

By example, our platform has:
- 4 differents environment (dev, test, stage, prod).
- Many application-server by environements
- Many systems (same of each environement).
- Each system may contain many different jvm.
- Each jvm might be redundant (clustered).

My suggestion would be to offer to the administrator to
add specific TAGS in Jmanage.

By example, I would defined tags for : environment,
servers, system and application.

Each time we add an application in the server we could
then defined the tags so the <managedApplications.do>
could show it next to the application name and offers
filtering utilities based on it.

The bean clusterized system could even be extended to
offer visualization of beans over a same tag (even if
different application, few Mbean can be the same).


  • Rakesh Kalra

    Rakesh Kalra - 2005-09-18
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rkalra
  • Rakesh Kalra

    Rakesh Kalra - 2005-09-18
    • assigned_to: rkalra --> nobody
  • Rakesh Kalra

    Rakesh Kalra - 2005-10-26
    • milestone: --> 1.5 Release
  • Jason Morris

    Jason Morris - 2006-04-06

    Logged In: YES

    This is an excellent idea. Especially so as I was about to
    add it myself :)

    My concept was "Smart Clusters", and would work similarly to
    the "Smart Playlists" in iTunes i.e. you just maintain the
    individual apps, tag them appropriately, and then you can
    have them appear automatically in many self-maintaining
    clusters or views.

    This would make cluster management much, much easier in a
    large system with many apps.

    I would also add the same capability for Managed Objects -
    add them automatically if they match some given criteria. A
    good example? We have an app which creates session objects
    when a user connects. Each Session has an associated MBean
    so we can check who it is, force a logout etc etc. But the
    identifiers are transient as the session id forms part of
    the name. If we could simply present a "Smart List" of all
    Managed Objects that matched the "User Session MBean"
    criteria that would be awesome.

    The tagging described above would also combine well with the
    enhanced search filtering described in 1199447.

  • Jason Morris

    Jason Morris - 2006-04-06

    Logged In: YES

    Also hooks in nicely with 1263541


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