Graph delta of MBean value

  • Bjørn Ola Smievoll

    Is it possible to graph the time based delta of an ever increasing MBean attribute? I.e. I can read a count of the total number of operations executed, but rather than graphing that directly I'd like to see operations per time-interval to get an idea of the throughput. I'm guessing it would be possible to calculate this from gathered data?

    • Rakesh Kalra

      Rakesh Kalra - 2006-11-22

      This seem like a simple enhancement for the 2.0 beta2 release.
      Can you please give me your thoughts on how the UI should capture
      this information?


    • Stefan Baramov

      Stefan Baramov - 2006-11-22

      The UI can be pretty much the same. May be just a check box to say "delta based". Then the graph logic should draw the abs(current_value - previous_value).

    • Rakesh Kalra

      Rakesh Kalra - 2006-11-25

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