Compiling JManage-0.5.1

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am having problems compiling the src files of JManage-0.5.1. I removed all the .class files from the src directory and the webui doesn't want to compile anymore. the compilation errors are all Struts related classes that can't be resolved. The struts.jar is in the class path. Once I put the class files back in the src directory it compiles just fine. Can you please guide me to why I can't compile without the .class files. I want to be able to generate the .class files instead of using the ones that are in the src directory.
    Please adivce.

    • Rakesh Kalra

      Rakesh Kalra - 2006-01-31

      Are you using build.xml (ant) to do the build?

      Note that the jManage developers are no longer using 0.5 codebase. The jManage 1.0 codebase is compiled using Maven. I would suggest that you move to 1.0 and use the following build guide:


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes we do use (build.xml) ant.
      For the time being we can't move to 1.0 because we made some changes to 0.5.1 code to suit some of our needs. and moving to 1.0 would mean that we have to make the same changes which could take more time and delay our project.


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