Hi ,

I am unable to configure JManage to display legal values of an OpenMBeanParameter.

I have created an OpenMBean and deployed in JManage. It has an operation which has got an attribute. I have assigned legalValues to it but when I view that MBean on JManage it does'nt display a drop down against that parameter.

The of code getMBeanInfo() method is :
        OpenMBeanAttributeInfoSupport attributes = new OpenMBeanAttributeInfoSupport;
        OpenMBeanConstructorInfoSupport constructors = new OpenMBeanConstructorInfoSupport;

        constructors = new OpenMBeanConstructorInfoSupport("MonitoringClient",
                                                              "Constructs a Monitoring Client .",
                                                              new OpenMBeanParameterInfoSupport);

        MBeanNotificationInfo notifications = new MBeanNotificationInfo;
        OpenMBeanOperationInfoSupport operations = new OpenMBeanOperationInfoSupport;

// This parameter should be displayed as a drop down whose values should come from legalValues
OpenMBeanParameterInfo prodParam =
            new OpenMBeanParameterInfoSupport("product","Choose a product",SimpleType.STRING,null,new String {"ABC","XYZ"});

        OpenMBeanParameterInfo hostParam =
            new OpenMBeanParameterInfoSupport("host","Enter IP address ",SimpleType.STRING);

        OpenMBeanParameterInfo portParam  =
            new OpenMBeanParameterInfoSupport("rmiPort","Enter port where rmi registry is running",SimpleType.STRING);

        operations = new OpenMBeanOperationInfoSupport("startMonitoring",
                "Start Monitoring a Clearing House Gateway",
                new OpenMBeanParameterInfo {hostParam,portParam,prodParam},

OpenMBeanInfoSupport OMBInfo = new OpenMBeanInfoSupport(this.getClass().getName(),
                                           "Monitoring Client Open MBean",

   return OMBInfo; }

I want a similar view that JManage displays while showing operation java.util.logging:type=Logging #getParentLoggerName.