JScriptLog 0.7.0 beta Released

JScriptLog is an implementation of ISO-Standard Prolog in JavaScript.

It has potential and is quite functional for some domains (e.g., client-side Prolog applications such as small-scale RDF and OWL). It can solve the 8-Queens problem (about 30x slower than JLog) and meta-interpret the same N-Queens solution. It supports most non-I/O standard predicates (including exception, meta, control, comparison, arithmetic, clausal database, solution collection, and miscellaneous predicates) and has tail-recursive optimizations (to limit stack size).

This is a developer release, intended for embedded work. Its parser is not suitable for consulting Prolog source (there is a separate tool to construct the KB), but can parse simple queries. An example user interface is provided (more as a developer template than for end users).

The current package is ready to run and try out in a modern browser.

More information, including release notes and download are available from:  


Posted by Glendon Holst 2006-05-30

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