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Version 2.0.0 released

Released version 2.0.0

Now JLI! runs on PHP5

here the changelog from version 1.0.1
20080308 - 2.0.0:
- completed migration to php5
- added the ability to mass remove users from a course in batch mode
- added the ability to add to users courses that are not published
- RCM, RCMApp e OT auth type are no longer supported
- added ability to release all accesses to JLI with one click
- in the case of users namesakes (name-surname) are now properly
shown separately
- all values in the statistics module consider only those who
are actually finished and not simply started
- fixed a bug that prevented authorization via LDAP in case
the password contains extended characters
- within the same session the order of questions and distractors is now
static also if "random sort" is active
- added features to make the course links and resources temporarily hidden,
in order to allow the teacher to make them usable at the appropriate time,
but having them ready
- now the teacher can order news with a up / down criteria
- in a course with propedeutic access, a module that requires correction
by the teacher, not more blocks access to the followings... read more

Posted by ilonghi 2008-03-08

Version 1.0.1 released

Released version 1.0.1

here the changelog from version 1.0.0

20060324 - 1.0.1:
- minor bug fixes
- added the ability to create SCORM packages with the module SCOPE-CS for modules of type lesson - pretty page and lesson - multifile. The module has to be activated with configuration variable $JLI_USE_SCOPE
- improved LDAP-authentication handling with $JLI_LDAP_PREFIX prefixed to the dn for authentication. It defaults to "CN".

Posted by ilonghi 2006-03-31

Version 1.0.0 released

Today version 1.0.0 of JLI! has been released.
See CHANGELOG for details.

JLI! Staff

Posted by ilonghi 2005-09-26