jKiwi 0.9.5 Released!

We are moving closer to 1.0 release, almost after a year, this 0.9.5 release comes with a better fit image window, more hairstyles and better integrates with the operating system. From this version we now have a .deb install for Ubuntu and .exe install for Windows.

- The Fit Image window now works way better with all sorts of images (bug #1899267)
- A new window is added under File -> Example Images and provides some models to try
the application right from the start
- A new window is added when starting the program with "--import-photos PATH" argument
that shows a list of thumbnails for all images in the given PATH.
(using metadata extractor for reading thumbnail data http://www.drewnoakes.com/code/exif/ )
- Lots of memory leaks fixed
- Many fixes in the way pathnames are handled when loading resources folder
(this lead one step closer to porting the application to Microsoft Windows,
now actually runs on it using the windows swt.jar)
- man page for jkiwi now available on linux
- bash auto complete arguments on linux ("~$ jkiwi -[TAB]")
- Synchronized the manuals with the current version
- Move to the new SWT 3.4 version
- More hairstyles added

Posted by Dan Mihai Ile 2008-09-07

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