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JK8055GUI / News: Recent posts

development paused

As you may have noticed: Development is paused and maybe terminated.

Posted by genodeftest 2012-03-16

USB implementation needed

Sorry, more bad news:
For further programmings I do need an implementation for USB on multiple platforms, at least Windows XP and Linux Kernel ~2.6.35. This is heavy work for a Java Programmer…

Posted by genodeftest 2010-12-27

development stalls

Sorry, bad news:
further development will be stalling until June at least.

Posted by genodeftest 2010-03-11

Complete rebuilt

After rebuilding the GUI I noticed I should rebuild the whole software due to some problems with platform independence and driver compatibility. This will take about 3-4 more weeks.

Posted by genodeftest 2010-01-22

Files Uploaded; Rebuild GUI

Uploaded the application + Source from 2010-01-05, but I will rebuild the GUI with Jigloo (http://www.cloudgarden.com/jigloo/) Plugin for Eclipse

Posted by genodeftest 2010-01-11

JK8055GUI set up

after about 1 year of developing I set up this page on sourceforge.
1. sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany
2. The app will be hosted when I finished my seminar paper (for school)

Posted by genodeftest 2010-01-05