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Alan v0.31 is released.

I'm alive(^_^;)

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2009-06-18

jjLibrary: Alan v0.25 is released.

Two projects; new one is "Alan" a programming language. The other is "jjLibrary" a C++ library which provides 1) jjPattern : Pattern-based container class (Hash, Tree, List, Graph), 2) jjErrno : error handling, and 3) jjCGI : CGI library.

Alan v0.25 is released.

This version supports pipe, which looks like Unix pipe, but it is more similar to iterator method chain for any container data. Unlike Unix pipe, Alan pipe passes data as just 'reference' so it is very efficient. Please visit Alan website:... read more

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2008-01-08

Alan v0.23

Alan v0.23 is released! user-level raise and nested-enum are introduced.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2007-09-15

Alan v0.22

(In Japanese)
一年近く仕事に忙殺されてなーんにも更新できませんでしたが、最近落ち着いたので、久々の更新です。仕様は v0.19 から変わっていませんが、実装を大幅に変えました。これまで各型の操作(add, sub など) を C++ 仮想関数で直接実装していたため
拡張性などあるわけもありません。これを v0.22 では普通の C/C++ 関数で実装するようにしました。これですぐ拡張性が増したとは言えませんが、C++ の仮想関数を動的に追加などすることはどうやればよいのか想像もつきませんが、C/C++関数での実装なら動的な追加(alan 実行中での定義)は想像つきます。...ということをやっておりました。でも、普通に使えるようになるには先は長いなぁ。

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2007-08-10

jjLib v1.8.1 is released

This is bug fix version. Please see doc/release_note.html for more detail.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2007-05-01

Alan v0.21

compile error message for function-calling becomes more user-friendly.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2006-11-04

Alan v0.20

Str 254byte limitation has been gone away.
wikimini.al works as normal WikiMini;-). Since many task-lists, release is not planned at this time.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2006-11-03

Alan v0.19 is released!

Alan v0.19 is released.

New features are:

  • putf() - formatted output like C printf(3) and perl format
  • type-type - meta type of data-type
  • exit()
  • Type() - constructor-expression like C++
Posted by Fumisky Wells 2006-10-25

Alan v0.15 is released!

Alan v0.15 is released. Big change: All of Alan syntax are now "expression", that is, for example "if-then-else" is expression. Subseqent changes follow this big change. I wrote WikiMini by Alan v0.15 to verify Alan's capability. It was able to describe WikiMini, but not perfect.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2006-08-20

Alan v0.14 is released!

Alan v0.14 is released! (in Japanese)


Posted by Fumisky Wells 2006-03-05

jjLib v1.8.0 is released!

Ver1.8.0 is released!

last() method is added for jjAggregate, jjCollect, and jjGraph.

child() is now renamed to first() which can be understandable compared to last(). child() is also valid for backward compatibility.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2006-02-13

jjLib v1.7.2 is released!

bug-fixed version of jjLibrary is released.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-08-09

Alan v0.13 is released!

Alan v0.13 is released!

More simplified internally for later expansion.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-05-26

Alan v0.12 is released!

Alan v0.12 is released. Now, Alan VM(Virtual Machine) is shaped-up from 4byte machine to (1)byte machine! And some internal refactoring is applied.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-05-14

Alan v0.11 is released!

External structure is no changed, but internal structure is simplified.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-05-05

Alan v0.10 is released!

Two serious bugs are fixed so now wwwstat.al is working!

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-05-02

Alan-0.09.1 is released

Alan-0.09.0 was incomplete.
Please use Alan0.09.1.
Document is http://jjlib.sourceforge.net/alan/.

Thank you!

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-03-06

Alan-0.09 is released

Alan-0.09 is released!
Please see the document http://jjlib.sourceforge.net/alan/ for more detail.

Thank you!

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-02-28


jjLib-1.7.1 is released! This is bug fix version. ins() methods of all of container patterns' bug are fixed.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-02-15


I started another project "Alan, a Programming Language". The website is http://jjlib.sourceforge.net/alan/ as sub-project of jjLibrary.

Alan is a type-based scripting language in order to replace C++ and Perl. Dynamic typing looks today's trend in programming language, especially in scripting. However, I would like to state that Type helps us to accelarate programming. See my Alan site for more detail.... read more

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-01-14

jj-Lib1.7.0 is released

jjLibrary Ver1.7 is now released:

- Bug in jjCGI is fixed.
- revise how to build FastCGI compliant library
- revise how to build library on HP-UX environemnt.
Posted by Fumisky Wells 2003-12-08

jjLib-1.6 is released

At jj/pattern, num() method is added, which returns the number of elements in a container.
At jj/pattern, ins() method is added, which insert element at the top of sequential container pattern, e.g., jjAggregate, jjCollect, jjDCollect..

Have Fun!

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2003-09-18

jjLib-1.5.2 is released

1) FastCGI is supported
2) add HOWTO compile on HP-UX11i + ANSI C++

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2003-07-30

jjlib-1.5.1 is released

Several errata in documents are fixed on this version.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2003-04-27

jj-1.5.0 is released

I'm pleased to announce the release of jjLibrary ver1.5.0.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2003-04-05

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