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Edgar2 v0.01.00 is released!

Dear all,

Edgar2 (Edgar for Rails3) v0.01.00 is released now.

For the detail of how to install and use it, please look at

Best Regards,

Posted by Fuminori Ido 2012-12-16

Edgar Demo site is Open!

I'm pleased to announce that Edgar demo site is open today.

Please visit document top (http://jjedgar.sourceforge.net/en/) > Demo (http://wellstech.jp/edgar2_demo/login).

Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Posted by Fuminori Ido 2012-12-08

Edgar2 starts

I start Edgar2 project, which will run on Rails3.

Basic idea is the same. I'm now porting Rails2.3 based Edgar to Rails3 Engine.

It's very good practice for me to catch up latest Rails advantage. As you may know, Rails3 is much better than Rails3.

Please aware that current repository is just pre-alpha, but anyway here are the URL:

git://jjedgar.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/jjedgar/edgar2 (read-only)
ssh://ido00\@jjedgar.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/jjedgar/edgar2 (read/write)... read more

Posted by Fuminori Ido 2012-08-15

Edgar v0.93.00 is released

Dear all,

Edgar v0.93.00 is released:

  • Topic path is introduced.
  • Introduce Lead, which is a pre-Customer.
  • Split edgar-menu 'Object' into 'Base' and 'Sales'.
  • Album viewer
  • photo is now auto-rotated by checking the orientation
  • Album cache's image resize ratio is now changable.
  • add 'next' link to album photo itself.
  • add Album::Cache to resize large image for album-viewer.
  • Performance is a little bit improved by Edgar::EnumCache
  • API change
  • Merge draw_kind() helper into draw_enum().... read more
Posted by Fumisky Wells 2011-07-23

Album detects photo's orientation

Edgar in latest repository supports Album photo orientation correction.
We do no longer worry about photo orientation. Edgar automatically do that.

Best Regards,

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2011-06-02

Album slide-show resize is now selectable.

"Album viewer slide show" has now two size so that you can choose any size you would like to see on your display.

Package is the same as previous; please download it from git repo.

Best Regards,

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2011-06-02

Album feature is updated

Album has a new feature; large image is resized, cached and viewed on browser. If photo hight is larger than Album::Cache::HIGHT_MAX, it is resized to that to fit browser. Currently, resize value is fixed now.

I don't plan to release it as v0.93.00, but you can get this feature by getting from GIT repository.

By this resizing feature, my photo of my daughters by Digital-camera can be browsed by my parent and my sister who live far from here via internet. As you see Edgar Album feature, photo comment can be easily inserted/updated... Enjoy!... read more

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2011-05-24

Repository is migrated from Subversion to Git

Dear all,

I migrated Edgar repository from Subversion to Git. This is not git-svn gateway. Rather, it is the permanent migration.

The reason is because I love git now than svn...

Svn repository will be deleted in near future.

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2011-05-10

Project Home page typo was fixed.

Edgar homepage had several typos, that was Juli 1.00.01 bug;-(

Now, it is fixed.

Sorry for your inconvenient.
Best Regards

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2011-05-09

Project Home page is updated.

I have developed 'juli'(*) in these several months, that is an offline wiki & outline-processor. So I changed my Edgar project page from Trac to this:

That was stressful to update Trac wiki because it required online, poor Editor (just HTML textarea!), and slow response...

When I changed to juli, these issues are cleared. I feel a little bit happier;-)

Best Regards... read more

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2011-04-14

Edgar v0.92.1 is released.

Dear all,

Edgar v0.92.1 released.

= Minor Update

  • Cache the result of finding column type from column name.
  • Change Order.pay_type UI from text_field to String selection.
  • Let Order form be more fancy.
  • Add sample User Organization load script.

= Fix

  • SearchFormDrawer::_draw_belongs_to_field() drew 'Clear' even when blank.
  • SearchForm behavior for UserGroup.kind
  • Let private class method be really private. I didn't know ruby syntax;-(
  • OrdersController#clear to clear line items as well.
  • Delete unused multipart logic on SearchForm.
  • Clicking on both Edgar list & Edgar popup list.
  • Application failure for no-role user on action like 'show'.
  • Rrefactor READ permission check loginc into check_read_permission method.... read more
Posted by Fumisky Wells 2010-12-02

Edgar v0.92.0 is released.

Dear all,

Edgar v0.92.0 released.

= New Feature

  • File Upload feature.
  • add acts_as_tree on UserGroup.
  • Assigned questions are shown at top page; just an example implementation.
  • Introduce 'calendar date select'. Modify it to sync Rails I18n. Add Japanese
    localization and Edgar CSS for the calendar.
  • Sample implementation of Question/Answer/Forward workflow.
  • add 'report' as sample.

= Minor change... read more

Posted by Fumisky Wells 2010-11-19

Edgar v0.91.1 is released.

Dear all,

Edgar v0.91.1 does:

  1. fixed some bugs
  2. changed search-form comparison operator(=, <>, ...) UI.

Sorry, I found out that Edgar menu doesn't work on IE ;-(. I'll fix soon...


Posted by Fumisky Wells 2010-08-04

Edgar v0.91.0 is released.

Dear all,

What's new on Edgar v0.91.0?:

  1. Album viewer & management is added just for my fun.
  2. Several features are added at password & login authentication, e.g. password lifetime, lockout, etc... See Edgar::Login at config.default/initializers/edgar.rb.
  3. Fix several bugs.


Posted by Fumisky Wells 2010-07-20

Edgar-0.90 is released.

Edgar v0.90 is released.

Dear all,

Edgar(Rails based CRM) v0.90 is released. As this version number (0.90) shows, this is a beta-release.

You can download from SVN or *.tgz package.

Please visit: https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/jjedgar/ as well.


Posted by Fumisky Wells 2010-05-31

Edgar v0.03 is released.

Dear all,

Edgar(Rails based CRM) v0.03 is released:

  1. Controller-level access control
  2. Search-condition can be saved and used later.
  3. Edgar icon is designed;-)

Please visit: https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/jjedgar/


Posted by Fumisky Wells 2010-03-23

Edgar v0.02 is released.

Dear all,

Edgar(Rails based CRM) v0.02 is released. Edgar specific scafold "edgar_scaffold" is introduced.

Please visit: https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/jjedgar/


Posted by Fumisky Wells 2010-03-05

Edgar v0.01 is released.

Dear all,

Edgar(Rails based CRM) v0.01 is released. This is still pre-alpha and too far from usual application yet.

Please visit: https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/jjedgar/


Posted by Fumisky Wells 2010-02-25

Ver0.01 will be released soon


My name is Fumisky Wells, a developer of Edgar.
This project is now under developing phase of first release ver0.01.

Thanks for staying tune.


Posted by Fumisky Wells 2005-09-02

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