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JIU - Java Imaging Utilities / News: Recent posts

JIU 0.14.2 released

A smaller maintenance version was released this week, 0.14.2. Get it at


Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-22

JIU 0.14.0 released

I just published a maintenance release on which should fix the jiu.jar problem of getting an error message "Invalid JAR file" when trying to run jiu.jar as a program with java -jar jiu.jar.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-04-17

JIU 0.12.0 released

Added PNG codec (read and write), GIF codec (write only, reading is supported via ToolkitLoader) and a class for 48 bit RGB image data.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-07-07

CVS update: PNG codec can read and write

PNG codec read everything that I've thrown at it. It can also save images now. I've removed the many String constants from Strings and put them into three text files en.txt, de.txt and es.txt, for the three supported languages (you're welcome to help add more languages). Strings now gets those String values from the text files, loaded with a new class StringLoader. I've added package.html files to all packages where they were missing.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-09-05

CVS update: RGB48Image, website, PNGCodec

A new RGB48Image interface has been added and an in-memory implementation MemoryRGB48Image. The JIU website is now part of the repository. A PNGCodec class was added that can read non-interlaced PNG files.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-09-02

JIU 0.11.0 released

Added support for 16 bit grayscale images.
Added popularity quantizer and median cut contour removal.
Added an operation for batch processing of files and directory trees.
jiuawt can load an image on startup, zoom level is maintained after image changes,
warning dialog when exiting and changes were not saved.
Fixed a bug with ImageCodec.setFile.
Removed unused import statements.
Fixed all javadoc warnings.
JIU developer version is now available from a CVS repository.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-29

New web pages, anonymous CVS read access

I've split the large JIU homepage into several pages, added sections on CVS and jiuawt screenshots and polished the layout a bit.

Note that the anonymous pserver CVS access is fed from the CVS backup server, so it might be up to 24 hours behind the latest update.


Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-21

CVS web interface

If you do not want to use a CVS client or if you just want to check out a few classes, the CVS web interface may be interesting for you:


Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-17

Initial CVS commit

I just committed my developer version of JIU to Sourceforge's CVS system. This includes everything that would normally be in the core tar ball. Note that while this code already says it's version 0.11.0 I'll do some polishing before I actually release 0.11.0. As usual, I'm grateful for comments in the Open Discussion forum at <>.


Posted by Anonymous 2003-08-16

JIU 0.10.0 released

The TIFF codec was updated to read 4-bit grayscale and paletted, CMYK and LogLuv color spaces, SGI LOG RLE, and LOG 24 Packed compression types. The Palm codec now reads and writes almost all possible format flavors. Spanish was added as a language in jiuawt. A wrapper class was added to use AWT BufferedImage objects directly in JIU operations. Some cleanups to make dithering and resampling more extensible were made, and ImageLoader now allows to add codecs at runtime. ImageCodec's new setFile method automatically picks suitable I/O objects, and an unsharp mask filter was added.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-12-07

JIU 0.9.0 released

After about seven months, finally a new release!

Many operations were converted to extend ImageToImageOperation. New subpackages were created and classes moved to them.

The BMP codec now supports reading as well. The TIFF codec now also supports the compression types Deflated, Packbits and Modified Huffman.

Interfaces for all image data types were created, the existing image data classes were renamed to carry Memory in their name and implement the interfaces. A set of disk-based image data classes is planned.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2002-06-25

JIU 0.8.0 released

This is a maintenance release. jiuawt was rewritten and extended (undo / redo, histograms can be saved to a text file) and is now spread over several classes, hopefully much more readable, certainly easier to add new operations. Several operation classes were adapted to fit better into the framework. OrderedDither can now create output with more than 8 bits per pixel. A TGA decoder was added.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-12-04

JIU 0.7.0 released

After a longer pause, a smaller update. BMP codec, image arithmetic (only the beginning), texture analysis. Start of a manual. The codecs package was cleaned to better reflect typical Operation classes (this will be done with the other operations as well).

Posted by Anonymous 2001-10-20

JIU 0.6.0 released

Minor feature enhancements: octree color quantizer, save co-occurrence and co-occurrence frequency matrices, normalize histogram. equalize histogram. Changed YCbCrConversion, modified some operations.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-07-10

JIU 0.5.0 released

Released 0.5.0, added various features including error diffusion, mean, median and oil filters, mapping truecolor images to arbitrary palettes, shearing. Fixed bugs with PNM codec. Changed package structure. Run jiuawt to test new features! See ChangeLog in distribution for details.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-06-24

JIU 0.4.0 released

Minor bugfixes and enhancements. See the Changelog in the distribution for more information.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-06-16

JIU 0.3.0 released

This release includes various enhancements, including code to scale images (several methods including replication, bilinear and bicubic interpolation), perform color quantization (Median Cut and uniform palette quantizer, both without dithering or with ordered dithering), reduce to gray (again with ordered dithering or no dithering at all), save as PPM / PBM / PGM, load uncompressed TIFF files, apply convolution kernel filters (blur, sharpen etc.). Still, this library is in alpha (or beta) state and I will change the package structure and some of the important base classes in the future. Please do not use this library for important work!

Posted by Anonymous 2001-05-28

JIU 0.2.0 released

Just a few changes, histogram classes added, some image codecs started. I'll move ProgressListener out of the codecs package and will create an image operation base class in the next release.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-11

First release, JIU 0.1.0

I just released the first public version of JIU, version 0.1.0. It's available as two files, either source code only (core) or everything including source, class files as JAR, docs etc.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-01-07