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JITT64 1.02

The Ice Team Tracker 64 is a music editor for SID chip. Now it is released version 1.02 with this changes:
Option: add the disable conditional compilation optimization ||
Option: you can select 4 type of frequencies table ||
Option: filter cut off frequency can now be in siddump format ||
Option: load/store position/size of pattern and instrument windows ||
Pattern: add an external separate window ||
Pattern: paste can be indipendent for note/instrument/command ||
Pattern: notes in selection can be inc/dec for one octave or half step ||
Pattern: octave up/dn and instrument +/- can be activated by keyboard shortcut ||
Instrument: add missing notify background compilation for AD/SR/Wave changes ||
Instrument: fix bugged move of instrument in list ||
Packer: add missing write of 'write order' ||
Player: conditional compilation to remove instrument code not used ||
Player: can now use 4 tables of frequencies ||
Player: fix test of write order ||
Player: improve quality of sexy-hardrestart ||
Player: fix rel note in instrument that kill tone-portamento. Now you can skip hardrestart in tone-portamento by not use instrument in the line where you start portamento command. ||
Song: add a progress indicator when loading/saving a song

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2009-05-01

JITT64 1.01

The new version comes with some bugs fixed and new features:

Option: temp directory is automatically given by the system
Option: activate the disable real time compilation option
Option: add Nimbus theme
Patterns: add cut functions and shortcut to cut/copy/paste/clear/select
Patterns: add mute/unmute playing of the voice
Tracks: fix semaphore red bug when press play and no compilation in background done
Tracks: Report when there is a sound problem (sometimes the sound core library is not able to have a free sound line to use) when playing the tune
Player: fix track repetition command errors
Player: fix note transpose for instrument

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2009-02-01

JITT64 1.00

Java Ice Team Tracker 64 is a java based music tracker (editor) for creating music for SID chip of Commodore 64. Instruments are totally based onto tables for full control of sound generation.

Finally released the first version of the editor.
Look at the instruction inside the pack of how to use it.

Happy Christmas to all.

Posted by Tognon Stefano 2008-12-24