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jirr 1.4.2 binary relased

Source will follow in november. Enjoy it!

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2008-10-26

jirr 1.4.2 is on the road again

Severel weeks earleir I had to inform you about a delay regarding jirr due to a bug in irrlicht 1.4.1. This one was fixed in 1.4.2. Great!
Now I would expect a new version of jirr at least by the end of this month.

So stay tuned!

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2008-10-05

jirr 1.4.x delayed

Due to a bug in the native dlls of irrlicht 1.4.1 (OpenGL at 3-4 fps) the next version of jirr will not be released until this issue will have been fixed.

So stay tuned - the next version will arrive as soon as possible!

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2008-07-13

jirr 1.3.1 linux download available

Thanks to Stephen Leary we now have a simple zip containing all files required (src and binaries) available for download.

I am putting it under jirr_3rd_party since we did not plan to release 1.3.1 sources officially (working on 1.4.x instead) - but the time made clear that some of you out there want to have it. So here it is - without any warrenties or support. We hope you can understand this.... read more

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2008-07-13

jirr 1.3.1 <=> irrlicht 1.3.1 available

bin and src packages are available!
Switched to jdk1.6.

Warning: Do not use any JDK 1.6 older than JDK 1.6.0_02 as there is a bug when trying to link to the native libraries. You may notice an unsatisfied link error otherwise.

Version 1.3.1
- Based upon irrlicht 1.3.1
- Please note: jirr 1.3.1 requires JDK 1.6.0_02 at least.
Warning: Do not use any JDK 1.6 older than this one as there is a bug when trying to link to the native libraries. You may notice an unsatisfied link error otherwise.... read more

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2007-07-22

Physics? Who cares about physics?

As I did some testing with physics I want to let you know of a first result:


Sorry for releasing it in form of patchwork code and in the irrlicht forum only so far but otherwise you would have to wait for jirr 1.4.

I wonder what will happen to odejava or JOODE but currently my favorite is JNewton that is also hosted on sourceforge (Thank you, gaarazero!)
https://sourceforge.net/projects/JNewton... read more

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2007-05-01

Jirr scripting using JavaScript

Just found something real cool on the net. Sergey Nechaev enhanced jirr using JDK 1.6 and added scripting functionality. That is great! And you could do it on your own. Just follow his fast and easy example!

Interested? Look at

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2007-04-27

jirr 1.3 <=> irrlicht 1.3 available

Currently bin and src packages are available.

cvs update will follow within the next days. Seems like my system wants to make me laugh on this 1st of april.

Version 1.3
- Based upon irrlicht 1.3
- Please note: jirr 1.3 requires JDK 1.5 at least.

- Containing support for more arrays within methods. Changes have been made to SMeshBuffer, ISceneManger, IVideoDriver.
- As a result it t is possible ti use pure java SKeyMap[].
Examples have been updated also.
- eleminating a special java method for device creation => please use Jirr.createDevice(...) instead.
- textures can be manipulated and created in java. Due to speed reasons the getter returns int[] instead of SCOlor[] as the setter uses. Example: Test2DGraphics.java... read more

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2007-03-31

Portal Tutorial by Jestermax

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2007-03-18

jirr 0.9 <=> Irrlicht 1.2 is online!

Finally one more version of jirr!
0.9 is out - based upon irrlicht 1.2.

Techdemo is using jirrklang 0.5 now (based upon irrKlang 0.5)!

Sorry for being that late but a 3rd party tool produced corrupt code ...

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2007-03-01

Anyone interested in jirrklang?

Currently available from the same cvs (module jirrklang-dev) for enthusiasts - no binaries available at this very moment. swig 1.3.29 or newer is required.

Not all features are implemented but playing mp3s should work.

Please note: You will need to download irrKlang for the dlls/libs also.

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2007-02-22

current status of jirr 0.9

Well, I have to admit that I am really late with that release. Sorry guys it will take some more days but today I was able to cope with my number one workstopper: Unwanted and serious crashes running some of the demos.

It seems that after reinstalling my cygwin environment and updating to the latest versions the crashes are gone. So keep tuned!
Nevertheless it could take some more time to release the upcoming version. Please be patient.

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2007-01-26

jirr 0.8 <=> Irrlicht 1.1 is online!

Finally compatible with irrlicht 1.1 :)

Sadly it seems that swig 1.3.29 still produces two strange bugs. So I am stuck to 1.3.24 and do my own patching.

Now for the bad news: I will not focus on DirectX 8 any more. This means that if that one works for you - you are lucky. If not I will not fix any bugs related to it.

The good ones are:
- DirectX 9 IS supported
- OpenGL is there also
- The Apfelbaum renderer is available (added it to some of the demos also and named it 'Software Renderer 2' there. Just to let you know)
- updated examples... read more

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2006-10-18

jirr 0.8 delayed due to swig

jirr 0.8 will be compatible to irrlicht 1.1. Most of the exampels are working again but there are some strange crashes due to the change from swig version 1.3.24 to when dealing with directors and callbacks.

Swig experts wanted ;)

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2006-10-03

jirr 0.7 <=> Irrlicht 1.0

Finally it is out. Had some problems due to a bug in the DirectX8 part but that seems to be fixed by now. Thanks to gman!

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2006-06-24

Great soccer game using jirr

xenoage just released their fantastic soccer game - just in time for the current world championships!!!

DE: www.bolzplatz2006.de
EN: www.xenoage.com/slamsoccer2006/
FR: www.xenoage.com/coupdefoot2006/

They did a real good job - and what is more - the game is open source as well. Go for gold!

BTW: 15000 downloads in 5 days - WOW!

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2006-06-13

jirr 0.6 <=> irrlicht 0.14.0

Including DirectX support as default.

If you may require OpenGL only you could use the original irrlicht.dll also by simply overwriting irrlicht.dll and deleting obsolete directx8 and 9 specific dlls (to reduce size)

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2006-01-07

Happy new year

BTW: jirr 0.6 is coming soon

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2006-01-07

jirr 0.5 <=> irrlicht 0.12.0

Will be available soon. Including DirectX support ^^

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2005-08-25

Jirr listed in 'Killer game programming in Java'

See http://fivedots.coe.psu.ac.th/~ad/jg/ end of chapter 7. Honestly this book has been one of my favorite ones when trying out Java3D ^^

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2005-08-05

Jirr supports DirectX

Doing so simply requires DirectX capable versions of irrlicht.
Just get the dlls here, copy them to your lib directory and have a lot of fun ^^


For further info see http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5813&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2005-08-05

jirr 0.4 <=> irrlicht 0.10.0

Thanks to Nko there is a new irrlicht version out. That means jirr has to keep up!

Okay here it is:
-supporting irrlicht 0.10.0
-15 demos available (plus source)
-all java sourcecode for jirr + javadoc

Have fun!

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2005-05-28

jirr 0.4 is on its way

Main changes
- using irrlicht 0.10.0
- more examples

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2005-05-26

jirr 0.3 <=> irrlicht 0.9

Niko was quite fast with the new release. Therefore I had to keep up and also added some more demos again.

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2005-04-02

jirr 0.2 <=> irrlicht 0.8

0.3 will be for irrlicht 0.9

Posted by Stefan Dingfelder 2005-04-02

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