Jirr on Mac?

  • Vance Turnewitsch

    I just found the amazing Irrlicht engine, and this great Java binding. I would like to use Jirr in a Java applet, but I'm not sure if it will run under non-Win environments. I looked on the forums, and it seems, from some old posts, that I could recompile a Linux version from the source; but what about Macs? Is there some way I could get whatever the native library wrapper is for Mac? I don't own a Mac, just a PC, so I don't see how I could compile for it.

    • Vance Turnewitsch

      I can't see how to delete this post, but I added the same question on the Irrlicht forums in the Jirr section.

    • Stefan Dingfelder

      Well, as I posted for another question some time ago for linux - it should be possible to compile the cpp-File that can be found in the zip-archive for Mac also. Sadly I do not own one for myself. If you can find gcc for macs it may be possible though.


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