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jIRleeCh 1.0 released

Sick of having to know and type in IRC commands just to get XDCC Bot files? Hate having to use multiple tools and plugins to do this? You are in the right place.

After a few years of stale development, I finally got some time to get jIRleeCh back up and running better than ever.

This release marks the 1.0 stable version. It contains a fully overhauled User Interface. The look and feel and user experience is now greatly improved.... read more

Posted by jIRleeCH 2005-10-18

jIRleeCh released on SF

jIRleeCh .085 has just been released now on SourceForge.net and now has a website! Visit http://jirleech.sourceforge.net to see the new design.
jIRleech .085 adds an easy to use functionality to those wanting to get downloads from XDCC bots on IRC channels.
jIRleeCh will parse packetnews.com to get your results. From there select your pack, autoconnect to the host and channel and watch your selection be added to the queue.
jIRleeCh is a Java IRC client and is completely platform independent. Source is included in the .zip file.

Posted by jIRleeCH 2004-04-12