1.1 (final) is now available

After a number of months of beta testing, JIP 1.1 final is now available. Thanks to all the people who submitted feedback during the beta! This release includes the following:

Timelines. This release features an alternative profiler engine that produces a
timeline rather than timings.

JIP now come with a GUI front end called jipViewer that can be used to view
JIP's output.

Improved "net time" reporting. The time that a thread spends calling Object.wait,
Thread.sleep, Thread.join or Thread.yeild is not longer counted as part of a
method's net time.

Updated the readme.html to include a FAQ.

Added a new ClassLoaderFilter that allows you to specify which classloaders to
accept via configuration.

Added the ability to explicity include classes by package or class name.

Fixed a problem where caught exceptions were messing up the JIP call stack.

Added a new optional property: output-method-signatures. Setting this to yes
causes JIP to include the signature of a method, in addition to its name and package, in the output. For compatability, the default value is no.

Added support for JBoss 4.

Posted by Andrew Wilcox 2007-06-23

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