No class instrumentation from remote start

  • Randy Shaffer

    Randy Shaffer - 2009-02-06

    I have installed JIP in a Jetty web server running on Linux.  I am using the to configure the profiler and I see the correct values on the console when I start up Jetty.

    I use the script on the same server with 'localhost' and the standard port and I see a corresponding 'start' output to the web log.  I then execute and when I look at the profile.txt, it has all the column headers, but nothing else.

    I changed the profiler entry to 'profiler=on' and restarted Jetty.  This time I get plenty of profiler output. 

    I ran with 'debug=on' and 'profiler=off' the log only shows the packages which get excluded from instrumentation.

    Any ideas?


    • Randy Shaffer

      Randy Shaffer - 2009-02-09

      I think this may be a class loader problem similar to this:

    • Andrew Wilcox

      Andrew Wilcox - 2009-02-09

      Hi Randy,

      The stock is setup for Tomcat. For Jetty, you need to change this:




    • Randy Shaffer

      Randy Shaffer - 2009-02-10

      There isn't a JettyClassLoaderFilter.class in the version I downloaded (1.1.1), so I wrote one according to the referenced link.

      Everything works fine now.



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