Andrew Wilcox - 2007-02-21

Hi Gary,

Based on how you do your filtering, there are cases where you won't get any output. As you noted, other people have had questions about that in the past. However, when this happens, you should still get an output file with a header containing the date and file name. If you're not even getting an empty file, then your problem is not related to filtering. Here are some things to try:

- Check your Unix permissions to the current working directory for the program you're profiling. This is not an uncommon problem -- I get bit by it all the time!

- Try using an absolute file path rather than a relative path. Sometimes the program's current working directory is not what you think it is -- also something that bites me from time to time.

- If you're still having problems, send me a copy of the profile properties file you're using as well as what you're seeing from stdout.

- Just for fun, you can turn on debugging by adding debug=on to your but, I don't think that will help with your problem


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Subject: no output profile.log file being generated in Unix environment

Hi Andrew,

I noticed the messages on the JIP sourceforge forum about the issue of no output being produced.  I have a similar, but perhaps different situation ---

- I am executing java code - a standalone java application - in a Suse LINUX environment

- The code successfully runs to completion, and I am getting JIP setup report output to sysout.

- I have adjusted the to ONLY have the standard class loader filter used:

- I have turned object tracking OFF, and have the file name set to a non-default name:


- The output format is set to both


When I execute the code, I get output generated to sysout by the program as expected (both from the JIP settings echo, and from our code).  HOWEVER, there is no JIPprofiler-output.txt or JIPprofiler-output.xml file generated! :(


Do you have any suggestions as to what is happening, and how I can best resolve this?


-Gary Berosik
Lead Software Engineer
Thomson R&D