#9 bug in computing percentages or totals


I'm running 1.1.1 (since today), and I get very strange reading for the project I'm profiling: jipViewer shows about a dozen methods with %total much above 100% (above 400% or in the worst few cases). This seems very reproducible. (I didn't notice it happening the first few times I profiled the app, but now it happens every time I do it.)

I've looked in the files generated by the profiler, and it's there: I get t="711715056" (711 ms if I read it right) for my main method, and then t="3033812929" (3000ms) for one of the frames inside it. (3 seconds sounds about right for what I run.)

I'm not doing anything special that I know of. I profile non-interactively, and other than changing paths and setting all limits to -1 I haven't changed anything in the profile.properties file.


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