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Oops! No bug after all!

I would like to apologise for reporting the inability to save configuration files in the HTTP server as a bug (in the docs).

As it turns out, there is no bug at all; I was just trying to save a configuration file in a directory that was marked read-only on a linux system.

-Richard Lewis

Posted by Richard Owen Lewis 2004-12-12

JINX2 in Progress, new HTTP daemon available

After a long wait, I've begun working on JINX2.

The old version, which I'm now calling JINX1, has too many APIs that are distributed everywhere and/or too interdependant. I have decided to re-write JINX from the ground up, to fix these problems.

I'm also redesigining the system to be modular, so individual components can be used on their own.

Major components will now be released in their own indivdual archives, to ease this type of usage.... read more

Posted by Richard Owen Lewis 2004-12-12

Local Console

Just for those intereseted, I've just added a Swing based local console to JINX that allows you to login without the use of a telnet application. This was made possible through the existence of the Java Telnet Application, which I'm using parts of to accomplish this.

This also came with a whole slew of updates, such as proper shutdown and reset commands, and JINX is now watchdogged by the bootstrap library. If JINX's JVM exits, it will immediately be restarted by the bootstrap JVM (a useful feature for a system available 24/7).

Posted by Richard Owen Lewis 2004-07-17

License Change

I've just changed the license on JINX. It will now be GPL. This takes effect as of this post, and applies to the current CVS copy. It does not apply to versions lower than v0.6.2 (the next release).

Posted by Richard Owen Lewis 2004-07-17

JINX has a web page now

JINX now has a simple web page with a short description . Pretty soon I'll add some more to it, such as the javadocs.

Posted by Richard Owen Lewis 2004-03-04

JINX v0.6.1 beta released

Just a few minor improvments.

The man/help program now lists pages available when given no page name to display.

There's a background scheduler daemon now, too.

Posted by Richard Owen Lewis 2004-02-25

JINX 0.6 beta released!

Finally, after a great deal of hard work (and difficulty recovering it from a corrupted hard drive), version 0.6 beta is out!

Posted by Richard Owen Lewis 2004-02-07

JINX 0.5 beta released

The intial release of JINX (the java-based multiuser unix-like system), is now available.

Posted by Richard Owen Lewis 2003-11-13