Demo Eclipse Plugin

  • Nathan Sweet

    Nathan Sweet - 2005-07-29

    I've put together a demo Eclipse plugin to show off Scintilla as an Eclipse editor. This is good for editing many file types that Eclipse has little or no support for, such as XML, HTML, SQL, C/C++, C#, Python, or any of the other file types Scintilla supports.

    There is a known issue where hotkeys pressed while the editor has focus do no get propagated to Eclipse. I'm not sure how to work around this.

    Here is a link to this plugin...

    Install it by placing this JAR file in your Eclipse plugins directory and then restart Eclipse.

    Recently I have not had a lot of spare time to sink into this project. If I start to see more interest from the community I will try to make more time for this project.

    • Nathan Sweet

      Nathan Sweet - 2005-07-29

      A very brief note on how it works... Pnuts, a JVM language, is used to configure the Scintilla lexers for a editing different file types. Look in the jar under /plugin/scripts/ you will find the Pnuts files. Currently only the HTML and XML lexers have configuration scripts.

      Pnuts is an awesome JVM language! More info...

      • Ernest Micklei

        Ernest Micklei - 2006-03-06

        thanks, thanks

        for several reasons this helps me a lot.

        I learned about Scintilla through (FX)Ruby
        and was surprised by its power. I use SciTE
        ever since. I have been trying to build my
        own editor in Ruby but had trouble figuring
        out how to interpret the events. (SC*)

        Now I have installed both your plugin and
        have your ScintillaDemo running (had to make
        an Eclipse .project file). This has given me
        the missing info.


        • Nathan Sweet

          Nathan Sweet - 2006-03-06

          Awesome, glad it helped! :)

          The Jintilla project has seen some activity lately. I may look at putting some more free time into it.

    • Raa

      Raa - 2006-03-02

      Hi! This is very useful thing! I'm very interested in such plugin. Are you going to fix the hotkeys problem?

    • Raa

      Raa - 2006-03-02
      • Nathan Sweet

        Nathan Sweet - 2006-03-03

        Hello! Glad to see someone is interested. The project saw so little interest, I didn't push it much farther. I did come up with a newer version of the plugin that fixes most of the hotkey problems. It is available here...

        • Raa

          Raa - 2006-03-03

          Thank you, I will try it in a few days :-)

        • Raa

          Raa - 2006-03-09

          Hi! I just tested the plugin. I'm very glad to see scintilla in my eclipse :-)

          There is only three minor problems.

          1. Hotkeys like Ctrl+F6,F7,F8 do not work. Those are my favorite hotkeys, so they are first I'v got problem to use.

          2. I have not found how to setup this on the preferences panel. Is it possible to change font and something else?

          3. How do I define/change highlighting rules for the certain type of file? For exanple I would like to edit asp and sql files in eclipse. May be you can explain how to do that, so users can send their highlighting to you to include them to the package for common use.

          I think your plugin will be very usable once those problems are solved.

          Thank you.


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